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13 07 2012

horsesmouth are thrilled to be partnering with, a collaborative online resource for UK small and medium-sized enterprises seeking mentoring.

The aim of is to provide those seeking business mentoring easy access to all existing mentoring organisations and networks under one umbrella. The site is free to use and offers businesses access to a list of quality-assured business mentoring organisations across Britain. The goal is to help businesses find a mentoring organisation to suit their needs in a fast and easy way.

For the huge stable (sorry!) of horsesmouth business and enterprise mentors, it’s a great fit.

The site also allows business professionals to get involved, and offer their services as a business mentor via the mentoring organisations listed. Aspiring mentors may want to work in a particular area of Britain and have a particular area of expertise to offer. The site has a directory which allows them to locate mentoring organisations that are the closest match to their profile. also aims to raise awareness about the benefits of business mentoring through its library of online resources, which includes articles about mentoring and case studies of successful business mentoring relationships.

Have a look at this clip showing how having access to an experienced mentor in the early days of a business can be the key to success for a new company.

Find a mentor on here.

Sign up to become a mentor here.

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Volunteering, made easy.

23 02 2012

Would you like to volunteer but feel you don’t have the time? People increasingly feel they do not have enough time to do everything they want to do in their lives, or the energy to do it. Research shows that 48% of people don’t believe they have enough time to do everything they want to do, and 56% feel they don’t that have the energy to get it done.

This is reflected in the plateau in people volunteering their time, as people feel they have less time to volunteer and prioritise their time more carefully.

All of which makes online mentoring the perfect option, if you feel that you are time-poor. The clear benefits of volunteering in this way are that it is flexible (you can choose when and how long you spend doing it), and you can you can do it from your laptop, cutting down on precious travelling time.

HopeItHelps, a 26 year old graduate explains, ‘This kind of mentoring is excellent as it is accessible. I think the best mentors are probably busy people who may not have time to actively go into their community but do have a few hours/minutes available to spend online.’

And there’s no need to train. Whatever your life experience is, from being a successful entrepreneur to a mother of twins (or maybe both!)… your advice, or even just a listening ear, is guaranteed to be of use to someone somewhere.

As one of our mentors ohsoserene says, ‘I joined horsesmouth as it seemed a very easy way to help people and it can fit around my own life. It’s too easy for people to become isolated these days and just having someone to talk to can be a life saver. Horsesmouth seems a perfect way to let people know they’re not alone in his fast moving, digital age.’

We even have a time tracker function on the site, which allows you to keep a track of how much time you’re spending on mentoring. Mentor theplayethic is a busy, successful father of two, and says, ‘I like the idea of being available for a few hours a week to share my practical knowledge and wisdom with others who might benefit from it.’

Another mentor, cosmicjulie, CEO of a social enterprise and an MA student sums it up perfectly, ‘I’m always keen to help others develop and looking for ways to use technology to make the most of the time I have available – horsesmouth provides an ideal solution for me to ‘volunteer’ in the way which suits me best.’

So, maybe volunteering is more accessible than you thought. Even just a few hours a week could make a real difference to someone’s life: a few hours here and there, multiplied by many, equals real change.

Even if you just want to find out more about what other volunteering options are out there and what might suit you best, horsesmouth can help. Ask one of our many mentors who volunteer and offer advice on volunteering

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Living well with dementia

25 01 2012

Alzheimer’s Research UK  has this week called on the government to commit to a national dementia research strategy and more focused funding.

The charity published a report, Defeating Dementia, highlighting the fact that nearly a million people live with dementia in the UK, however scientists working on cancer outnumber those working on dementia by more than six to one.

The Alzheimer’s Society supported the findings of the report, saying, ‘The under-investment in research into dementia has been well documented and ARUK is right to champion this issue. Dementia currently costs the UK £20 billion each year, and this figure will rise to £27 billion by 2018. The UK government invests eight times less on dementia research than cancer research.’

‘Alzheimer’s Society spends £6million on research each year, but charities should not have to plug the gap for government investment. Even in tough times, the government has to spend more if we are ever to offer the thousands of people living with dementia hope of better treatments or a future cure.’

Whilst it is good news that the issue is being pulled up for debate, there is clearly a lot of work to be done in supporting people with dementia, their friends, family and carers. On horsesmouth we partner with Living well with dementia to share information and advice on dealing with the challenges of dementia, and how to gain confidence that it is possible to live well and continue to play an active and useful role in society.

Our mentors have broad experience, from those living with dementia, to their relatives young and old, carers and friends. Gaining anonymous support online can be invaluable. Mentor helpu shares his experience of coping with his mother’s descent into dementia, here. He credits mentoring online with helping him through it. ‘Find some one you can talk to – for me it was some kind people I met online which is my motivation for doing this.’

Angie has 25 years experience in caring for those with dementia. She explains why she mentors online: ‘I want to help people through what can be a difficult lengthy period … family members supporting a loved one is physically and emotionally draining and they just need someone to understand them. I am hoping I can be that person they can talk to.’

As well as seeking advice from our mentors, if you are affected by dementia in any way you can sign up as a Living well with Dementia mentor to help others. We want to enable people with experiences of dementia to offer one another support and empower those seeking advice to choose the right mentor for them.

Help us reach people affected by dementia by distributing the Living Well with Dementia on Horsesmouth poster and leaflet.

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