Mentor Mondays.

11 06 2012

It’s that time of year! Lots of our new mentors signing up are young mentors, offering advice on school and university life; dealing with exams pressure and stress, choosing courses and applying for university, and dealing with the new way of life that going to university brings, away from home and family.

Here are just a few of the new mentors who have signed up in the last month, just a fraction of the horsesmouth mentors offering advice on this topic, but why not snag a new mentor before someone else does? Let’s meet them.

rhaugh1, 20, about to finish second year studying Psychology at Northumbria University in Newcastle. ‘As someone who has recently encountered the university application process, I am knowledgeable on the procedures involved, what makes a good university application, how to choose a university and how to prepare for course interviews. As a member of my university swim and triathlon team, Psychology Society secretary and an active volunteer inside my university, I am informed of the different opportunities available to students. I am able to provide advice on making the most of university, coping with university work and peer pressures and general welfare.’

DaisyF, 21, just finished third year of a health degree and about to go on to a mental health nursing degree in September. ‘When I originally applied for university, I didn’t reach the grades I needed for the course I had applied for. However, my first choice of university offered me the opportunity to study a different degree with the possibility of transferring to my original course dependent on my grades. Although at first I wasn’t sure, during my first year I realised that my original degree wasn’t really for me and this led me to my future degree. I am so happy that the alternative degree was given as another option and it all happened the way that it did.  This helped me to learn that when something doesn’t go your way, it’s not the end of the world and things will have someway of working out as long as you are willing to try something different and work hard!’

LawUndergrad, a 20 year old Law undergraduate, living in rural Lancashire. ‘I am a young person who has been through school, college and I am now in university. I have experience in deciding a career path, navigating friendships, handling a workload and moving in with housemates for the first time. I would like to mentor on this subject because these issues can seem all encompassing at the time and an objective viewer can often help one realise the issue is not quite as daunting as it initially seems.’

Ads, 27, living in Somerset. ‘I have been through university however I am not naturally good at my studies and I have always had to work hard. I’ve been a D student who turned themselves in to a B student and have overcome many obstacles to do this. I have learnt it is about working on your strengths and taking a logical approach, breaking things down, etc. I have always studied economics and have a general interest in finance. When I graduated from university I was in debt but have since turned this around. I can offer practical advice on this subject.’

To contact any of these mentors, simply click ‘contact mentor’ on their profile. If you are new to horsesmouth, you will need to register first – it’s free and easy! To search for other mentors to contact, or to sign up as a mentor yourself, go to our homepage. Good luck and happy mentoring!


Mentor Mondays – Social Media Week 2012.

13 02 2012

It’s Social Media Week. Love it or hate it, social media has changed how we communicate. It’s now essential for businesses and organisations to have a social media presence: not only to listen to what people are saying about them, but as an invaluable way of communicating first-hand with target customers or audience.

Of course, it’s not quite as easy as sending out a few sales tweets, or keeping your Facebook page updated. For social media to really make a difference to your business, it needs to be managed correctly, with strategy aligned to business objectives. And, once you’ve got your social media channels working effectively, you then need to know how to develop the online community you’ve built.

Luckily for you, we have a wealth of social media experts on horsesmouth who are looking to share their knowledge and skills – from bloggers to strategists, ecampaigners to community managers.

First of all, meet our mentor Toppage. She defined and implemented social media policy and strategy for Channel 4. If you work in the creative industries, her experience could be valuable in learning how to shape your social media strategy.

Next up is MediaGeek. This mentor is a web entrepreneur and founder of a well-known blog publishing network. As she says, ‘It’s easy when you know how! But not everyone has spent as much time staring at the internet as me, which is why I’ve spent many years offering training, help and advice wherever and whenever I can.’

NedLudd was an early pioneer in using the web for social change. He created an award winning website and is now working on an online space for young people to make their ideas a reality. Of social networking he says, ‘One of the greatest potentials opened up by digital communications is collaboration, peer production and sharing. The long tail of mentoring is a key part of this.’

IanM is a blogger and could advise you on any blogging platform issues. Another blogger is DaveBriggs, a social media expert also experienced in putting together online communities: bringing people together to learn from each other and communicate better. Another mentor experienced in community management and moderation is Becnavich, who says, ‘If you’re thinking of starting up an online community, I may be able to help you out with tips for engaging people, good moderation practices, etc.’

Last but not least, meet Madam_J, a mentor via our partnership with 4Talent and a consultant and lecturer in social media strategy.

Of course, with 27,000 fully registered mentors on horsesmouth, these are just a selection of those specialising in social networking and media. Search using specific terms on our hompage to find filtered results to match exactly what you’re looking for. Also, follow hashtag #SMW12 on Twitter, to keep up to date with the latest Social Media Week news from around the world as the week progresses.