Ending loneliness through mentoring

18 10 2013

Sobering stats about loneliness hit the headlines today; according to the Campaign to End Loneliness there are 800,000 people in England who are chronically lonely, many of them elderly.

So we would like to take this moment to shout about horsesmouth. Our mentoring community has thousands of older (and elderly) mentors sharing their experiences, on everything from how to deal with retirement, volunteering ideas, bereavement, and the secrets to sucess in business and family life.

From retirees to grandparents, volunteers to the recently widowed; all are sharing their life experience to help others and maybe learn something themselves.

Here are just a few of our older mentors on why they wanted to mentor on horsesmouth and what they get out of it.

BigPete, aged 67. ‘When I was a young sales rep, I was fortunate enough to have a couple of wise old heads off whom I could bounce all my problems and frustrations.  I think that this type of mentoring fills a gap which has been left as society has become more self-centred over the years, which is why I believe horsesmouth can offer an invaluable service.’

Graham77 is one of our older mentors, ‘This is a fantastic idea for lots of people. Some are unable to get out and about or are to shy to ask friends or relatives for help. One reason the Samaritans is successful is because people are afraid to ask their friends or partners for help as they may be told things like, ‘Thats nothing to worry about, you’ll be ok in the morning.’ This site will be ideal for them to get assistance with anonymity. I feel I have something to offer and also much more to learn.’

Mentor Bezzer is a 66yr old retired nurse and grandmother. ‘My life is full of activities with my children and my community.
I believe people get more out of life by giving and so although today I have sent out a request for help for myself, I also know that if I give I will receive.’

Mentor Merlinoz is offering a, ‘lifetime of work and relationship experience. Approaching that time in life where I’m looking back and thinking what else I could have done to help others. This helps both sides get something from mentoring…payback!

Another mentor, mike47, found us after retiring. ‘As I have recently retired, I was looking for some ways in which I might help others. I came across horsemouth whilst searching voluntary oportunities on the Internet. The concept of capturing and sharing a wealth of life-long experiences struck me as a brilliant idea and I’m really excited about getting involved. As well as hopefully being able to give useful advice, with any luck someone might help me with ideas on things to do in retirement.’

So if you’re an older person feeling a bit lonely or isolated, sign up today to share with us on horsesmouth. Someone needs your experience, and maybe you could learn a little something too. It could be the start of many fulfilling mentor relationship.

And if you know an older person who might be feeling isolated or suffering from loneliness, please share this post or point them towards horsemouth. There is so much to give and learn.



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